Workers Compensation

What to expect from our Workers Compensation Brokers

You will work directly with our professional broker. All of our brokers are licensed and trained in the area of workers compensations and posses depth of market knowledge to help our clients deliver competitive benefit plans for their employees. They are continuously being educated on the current trends and legislation and how that may affect our clients.


A Fresh Approach to a Decades-Old Problem…

Cost is frequently a major factor in deciding on workers’ compensation coverage. And perhaps, the only one.

There is no mystery to the reason. From a back injury to carpal tunnel syndrome, employee injuries cost employers millions of dollars each year in medical costs and time lost from work.

But just because workers’ compensation is required, it doesn’t mean there aren’t effective ways to mitigate its cost. Knowing what works and where to find savings can make a considerable difference in your workers’ compensation cost structure.

BrightPath Consulting Services has been working with companies and organizations to develop workers’ compensation solutions that not only protect workers but also manage the cost of a program.

Our product expertise ensures that any alternative your company is considering—whether it is guaranteed cost, high deductible, retro-rated plans, or other vehicle—is thoroughly evaluated based on its cost and benefit tradeoff.

Our proactive case management approach and our unwavering focus on claims advocacy has made a major difference in controlling claims costs for many of our workers’ compensation clients.